Our Story

NUMI hero creators

A Family with a Heartwarming History of Crafting Cozy Furniture. In the heart of Estonia, we embarked on a delightful journey as the first to create modular play sofas with a comfortable sleeping place.

The spark of inspiration? The arrival of our third little one! As we pondered the sweet challenge of making the most of our space while nurturing our children’s development , a sprinkle of creativity, simplicity and functionality were stirred. And voilà, NUMI hero brand came to be, adding cute adventures to the family’s cozy world.

What matters to Us

As creators of children’s furniture, we prioritize designs that resonate with conscious and free parenting. Our pieces are crafted to support mindful decision-making in raising children.

At the heart of our creations is a commitment to celebrate every child’s uniqueness. Our children’s furniture reflects diversity and individuality, fostering an inclusive environment.

We design with the belief that childhood should be enjoyed together. Our creations go beyond functionality, contributing to a shared experience that brings joy and embraces the journey of childhood.